Shenzhen stock exchange of China. stock code: 300061
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Established in 1996, In March 2010, became the first listed company in spectacle industry in China.

Shanghai Conant Optics Co., Ltd , has been devoted into the international market as the largest manufacturer in China, and now Conant Optics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality optical lenses.

The company manufacturers hard resin lenses, operates a Full Service Surfacing and Edging Lab and specializes in O.E.M. and new product innovation. The Company’s products include single vision, bi-focal, progressive from 1.50 to high index, polarized, photochromic and custom hybrid monomer lenses.


  • The frst Conant Eyewear Retail location is opened.
  • Conant Hi-Vex Lens Product receives Colt’s Labs Performance Seal Semi-Finished Single Vision receives ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Impact Prescription Lenses Material Qualifcation
  • Conant listed on the ChiNext Shenzhen Stock Exchange, became the frst listed company in the domestic glasses industry.
  • Conant established a US subsidiary, expanding presence the North American market.
  • The frst Conant optometry service club opened.
  • Established Conant & Kingway, to expand the domestic market.
  • Established a Mexico subsidiary, serving the Central and South American Markets.
  • Acquired Shanghai Blue Optics, expand international market.
  • Acquired Jiangsu Blue Optics, expand Jiangsu factory.
  • Conant began to produce progressive multifocal lenses.
  • Conant began to produce polarized lenses.
  • Conant moved to current location, expanding scale at new Shanghai factory scale expanding.
  • Conant launched "HI VEX" series of products to USA market Conant established a subsidiary factory in the Qidong, Jiangsu. Jiangsu plant started construction.
  • Conant began to produce free form lens.
  • Conant began to produce 1.56, 1.60 Spherical and Aspheric lens.
  • Dr. Frank Fei established an optical lens production plant in the city of Shanghai, and production of optical lenses began.
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